White Castle🍴🍴🍴

White Castle boasts as being one of the first fast food hamburger chains in America. You may have seen White Castle in Harold & Kumar movies. Definitely great food when you have the munchies. Or after a night of drinking in Vegas.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle movie image
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

We ordered the cheeseburgers with fries. One thing that White Castle does, that I love, is steam their burgers. You can watch them cooking them on the grill, starting with a layer of chopped onions and burgers and buns on top. Normally, I am not a fan of onions. On a White Castle burger though, you can’t go wrong.

Now, all of the sandwiches at White Castle are sliders. Basically, you finish that burger in three to four bites. That’s probably why they sell their meals as a 1 Burger, 2 Burger, or more package deal.

Fries came with our meal, but they also offered other choices. I was surprised to see mozzarella sticks on the menu there. They also offered a couple of dessert choices, none of which we tried at the moment. But I was very intrigued by the slice of Cheesecake on a stick covered in chocolate.

White Castle menu
White Castle menu

Would we go back to White Castle? If it was on the way to our destination, we would probably stop. But I’m not sure we would go out of our way to go there again. On that note, I am very interested in trying a stuffing made with White Castle burgers. I may be heading up the frozen food section to do that this Thanksgiving this year

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