Fuzzy’s Tacos 🍴🍴🍴

So….I have heard the hype to I had to try them out. Fuzzy’s is your typical Tex Mex place. When you walk in, you get in line…similar to what you would at Chipotle. They have a rather large selection of tacos and enchiladas, and some of those frozen drinks look amazing.

I ordered the Enchilada plate with Chicken and Pork. For my sides I got the Mexi Mix Rice as well as the Latin Fried Potatoes. I also ordered the Spicy Pork Taco.

The enchiladas were amazing. The meat had great flavor, and they were smothered with a yummy salsa verde sauce. The taco was also on point. The meat was super tender and flavorful. However, I really didn’t like the handful of shredded lettuce that they put on my taco, especially since some of it was wilted. The sides were what I was most disappointed with. The rice was yellow with basically what seemed like frozen mixed veggies in it. And the potatoes were cold with absolutely no seasoning on them what so ever. Honestly, I have had better tasting Mexican potatoes at Taco John’s.

My aunt Vicky ordered the Enchilada plate as well. She was equally impressed with her enchiladas, and loved the white cream sauce that came on hers. She had the Cilantro Lime rice, which I tasted…it tasted like the rice at Chipotle. She also had the refried beans, which she said tasted fine. Nothing spectacular.

We shared an order of the Chips and Queso. I really liked the fact that it was a Queso Blanco. The chips were made fresh, and they sprinkle chili powder on them, which gave a very unique taste to them that I loved. And the Queso had such great flavor.

One thing I really did not appreciate about my meal was the flies. They offer outdoor seating, which is great. But their outdoor seating is combined with their indoor seating. Basically, it looked like a giant garage door was open so the outdoor and indoor were together. Because of this fact, I felt like I had to fight the flies for my meal. That, to me, was gross.

John’s Review: I wasn’t invited to this party so…..yeah about that dear. Lol, just kidding, I had to work and Kim was out with her Aunt and they wanted try it out to see if it matched the reviews we have been hearing.

I will probably go back at least once with John, just so that he can try it out. But, to be honest, I don’t know how many times I will go back after that. I definitely don’t think that it was worth all the hype.

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