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If you want some amazing German food…Edelweiss is the place to go. The atmosphere is amazing. When you walk in you are bombarded by a barage of smells that are so amazing. You also immediately see 2 dessert refrigerators full of delectable pastries and pies. They offer multiple seating options, indoor, outdoor beer garden, and traditional communal. The decor is beautiful. And they even have a musician that goes not only around the restaurant but comes to your table to serenade you.

We ordered their appetizer sampler and their pretzel. The pretzel is huge! It has a nice crisp crust and soft center. It comes with honey mustard sauce, which I loved, and a beer cheese. I could have one of these pretzels every day. The appetizer sampler was really good too. The prosciutto was some of the best I have ever had. The brats were good…I thought it could have used a little more seasoning.

For my meal I ordered the Edelweiss Sampler. The filet on there was so tender that it practically melted in my mouth. They made chicken cordon bleu for me instead of the veal, which I really appreciated. And the pork…so flavorful. The potatoes had a really nice crust on them. I wasn’t super impressed with the spaetzle, but it was good.

And then there was the desserts. I was in heaven. We ordered a variety of desserts. My faves were the cheesecake and the tiramisu. They were all amazing though.

John’s Review:

The appetizer sample plate was really good, the cold smoked Salmon was the same as you would get on Lox Bagel, it included the capers and onions and had a really good flavor. One mild concern was the 4 sauces that came with the plate, we had to figure out what they were, because our waitress did not tell us. Also the bratwurst did not have the flavor that we were expecting. The prosciutto was some of the best I have ever had. Now frown if you want, but I am not a huge pretzel fan, but I will say that the pretzel here was really good and the beer cheese that also comes with it was very good.

For my meal, I ordered the Badische Plate which has Weinerschnitzle (veal and pickled red cabbage), Rahmschnitzle (pork and fried potatoes, with a mushroom sauce) and Hungarian Goulash with spaetzle. The veal and the pork were batter fried and very tender with really good flavor, the cabbage was done perfectly and the potatoes were also done perfectly. The Hungarian goulash was also amazing, the meat was super tender and when mixed the spaetzle, made it perfect.

Now for the desserts, where do you start and which do you choose. All of them were amazing. The Tiramisu bread pudding had an almost Flan texture to it, sooo good. The cakes were done very well, Black Forest, German Chocolate and the Hazelnut, the Linzer Tart, hard to describe, because when you first take a bite, there is very little flavor, but don’t let that fool you, because when the flavor does hit, it is so good.

All in all really good experience, will definitely go back there are a couple of items on the lunch menu that I would like try, and definitely more of the desserts.

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