Gunther Toody’s 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

Gunther Toody’s is a 50’s diner at it’s best. From the music to the staff to the atmosphere…I love it.

Kim’s Review…

I ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken with 2 eggs over medium and cheese & bacon hashbrowns. Wow! The chicken was fork tender and so juicy. The eggs were cooked just like I like them. The only complaint I had was the cheese for the hashbrowns. But I can’t blame them. I ordered cheese on the hashbrowns, and that’s what I got. I wanted the cheese sauce like they use for the fries…but I didn’t specify that. So that’s on me…not them.

I also ordered the Biscuits and gravy. The biscuit was super soft but still had great texture. The gravy was perfect consistency. I personally felt it could have used a little seasoning, but a little salt and pepper and it was great.

We shared the cinnamon roll cuz that thing was HUGE! Nice and flaky with cream cheese icing.

The staff there is the best. Because we go to this establishment regularly we know some of the staff there…they always come out to greet us. Even the manager. Sissy and Barbie are amazing. I never had less than half a cup of coffee.

John’s Review

I ordered the Dinner Omlet, which is basically an everything omlet, with hashbrowns with cheese and bacon, toast and a side of corned beef and hash.

The omlet was really good, lots of flavor, it required very little salt, the hashbrowns were cooked perfectly, nice crisp to them like they are supposed to have. The hash was also really good, I have been to some places and you can tell it came from a can, but not theirs, the only thing I would like is more crispiness to it, but I did not ask for that so no fault on this. The coffee was also really good, they offer 4 different creamers as well, regular and then 3 flavor options, of which we did not have to ask for. The service as always was fantastic, our usual waitress, who was in a different section that day, came over and talked to us and so did the manager. Definitely 5 forks for Gunther’s, keep up the good work and food!

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