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Tucano’s is a meat-lovers paradise. The waiters walk around with skewers of meat and you eat until you tell them to stop. Your meal also includes the all you can eat salad bar.

Kim’s review

We ordered the calamari as an appetizer. Yuck! The breading tasted like the grease that it had been fried in hadn’t been changed in weeks. And the dipping sauce tasted like pizza sauce from a jar that I would buy at Wal-mart.

The salad bar wasn’t bad. I do wish that they had more salad options though. My biggest complaint is the dressing. It is obviously watered down…which while I understand the business premise for it, I don’t enjoy runny ranch.

The meat was great. Most of it was extremely flavorful…although there were a few that I wasn’t overly impressed with, but I won’t hold that against them.

The pineapple…OMG! You can make a meal out of that stuff!

Dessert was not impressive at all. I ordered the Brulee Cheesecake…which the waitress told me was just a white chocolate cheesecake. All it took was one bite for me to know that it was previously frozen. I have bought better cheesecake at Sam’s Club.

My drink was even a mess. I ordered a Raspberry Tea. It tasted like a watered down Arnold Palmer. According to the ticket…it was the Brazilian Raspberry Lemonade.

John’s review

My wife and I ordered the same thing, yes the calamari tasted burnt like the fryer oil had not been changed in a while and for it being a Friday dinner that’s not good.

Anyway the meat as always was really good. The pineapple of course was amazing.

My first impression though, they did not have Iced tea brewed so I had to wait for about 20 minutes before it even came out.

The salad bar had a good selection, I definitely recommend the fried bananas.

The deserts, well for frozen non-house made, they were ok. Problem though, on the menu they offered a brulee cheese cake, we got a raspberry white chocolate this was the second time the unsure waitress told us she was not sure if they had a specific item anymore.

Will we go back, yes, but not for a while, we have had more than exceptional experiences in the past, this was the first time for a bad one.

I also only give 2 forks.


Not a horrible experience, but not the best experience we have ever had there either. Will we go back…yes. But we will never order the Calamari or desserts again.


3294 Cinema Point

Colorado Springs, CO 80922

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